Bringing Grass Finished Beef to your Table.


We have nurtured and built the cattle operation at Lovejoy Farm

with integrity, hard work, expertise, and gratitude for over 20 years.

We raise our animals humanely, with no antibiotics

or growth hormones. Taste the difference!


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Our Products

We like to say, Mother Nature is in charge around here. We offer two ways to buy our grass finished and pasture raised meats. Savor the flavor and reserve your family a beef of your choice today. Our team will follow up with upcoming slaughter dates, current pricing sheet and more information about your beef. We also encourage “cowpooling”, which is just like carpooling! Partner up with your family or friends who want to share this quality beef!

Half Beef

Whole Beef

100% Pasture Raised & Grass Finished

Grass fed. Grass finished. Not all farmers do it this way. Our premium beef is a real treat and a real value.  The “mystery meat” you purchase in the grocery store might be grass fed if it is marked that way, but it is probably not grass finished.

We are proud of our product, and we know you will be happy with your purchase. It’s clean, it’s nutritious, it’s Lovejoy beef! It’s a cut above! We also love to show potential customers the farm. Come do a little window shopping, and see where your food comes from.

lovejoy farms grass finished beef

Our Process

We like to say, “Taste the nature in our beef”. For over 23 years, our farm has been free of chemical fertilizers. As we’ve watched Mother Nature grow grass, legumes and forbs, what we’ve learned is simple– grass grows grass. The natural growth that Mother Nature produces is supportive and complimentary producing a strong and vital array of soil microbes. As a result, the soil becomes rich and absorbent sprouting a blend of grass, legumes and forbs that becomes virtually self-sustaining.

In short, we do not have to dig, plow, cultivate, re-seed, fertilize, or spray. Mother Nature is in charge here!

Sustainable & Ethical

Our farm is designed to support itself with self-sustaining pastures.  We don’t over graze, so each cow has plenty to eat.  We have happy cows. We treat the earth and the animals with the respect they deserve.

Pasture Raised & Grass Finished

Two decades of pesticide and chemical free farming has allowed Mother Nature to take charge! Cows raised in these conditions result in a nutritious and natural tasting beef flavor that our customers love!

Locally Sourced

Our product is raised and finished right here in Central Texas. Our customers come from Central Texas and beyond to fill their freezers with premium beef. Stock up this season with locally sourced beef. 

Ethical Stewardship

Purchasing premium grass-fed and grass-finished Lovejoy Farm beef allows you to make an impact where you are. Buying local from farmers who treat the Earth with respect, keeping it as free as possible from chemicals and pesticides, makes an impact on the planet. You know where your food comes from, you know the land is treated as it was intended, and our animals are raised humanely, with no antibiotics or chemicals. Taste the difference!

Our Story

Welcome to Lovejoy Farm! When I retired, we began developing our small farm in Bosque county to prepare for our next venture, and later purchased a few head of cattle. We have been producing grass fed beef for many years. Seven years ago, we began grass finishing.  The results are impressive! Return customers tell us the beef is better each time! It is a labor of love, and we take pride in our little farm and the premium beef that we produce.

Taste the nature of Lovejoy Farm Grass Finished Beef!

Howdy! Last steaks we had were the best we have ever had!  Thanks again, also please let us know about upcoming dates or availability, so we can plan accordingly. 

M.A. & Family

I have been buying beef from the Lovejoys for many years now and have never been disappointed. It just keeps getting better! 


We’ve almost finished up our first half beef from Lovejoy Farm, and we are hooked. Every dish we make with these beef tastes incredible. Lovejoy’s beef can’t disappoint!

Dooley Family

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